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Mentoring women with a proven curriculum since 1985, our impact is real. 

Our Statistics

~1,225 Women are incarcerated

In spring 2023, we were able to offer our curriculum at the Debra K. Johnson Rehabilitation Center at The Tennessee Prison for Women in Nashville.  This was the first time we had been able to work with the prison since the pandemic.

In each cycle of our curriculum, an eight-week period during the year in which we teach to at-risk women, we have had two (2) inmates granted parole for each of the three (3) cycles in the year, according to our FY17 Impact report.​

About 1,225 women are incarcerated: 789 at the Tennessee Prison for Women in Nashville (TPFW), and 436 at the Mark Luttrell Reception Center (MLRC) in Memphis.* 

While women represent only about 9% of the total prison population in TN, the rate of incarceration for females has increased 248% since 1994.*

The average age of TPFW inmates is 36, and 67% are white, 31% black, 2% other.*

According to a 2008 TDOC survey, almost 21,500 children have an incarcerated parent, and grandparents are the most likely caregivers when mothers are in prison.  On average, kids must travel 300+ miles to visit their mothers. (About half of the incarcerated mothers in TN receive visits from their children.

*TDOC Website



Our work would not be possible without generous support from corporate, religious, and individual donations. 

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