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Two women talking
Our Mission.

We are women helping women make Better Decisions.
Our volunteers mentor at-risk women to help them learn how to take control of their lives.

We increase the likelihood of a smooth and permanent transition back into society for women who have been incarcerated, victims of sex trafficking, or addiction.

We teach and foster decision-making and life-planning skills for women and others through a structured curriculum delivered by trained volunteers.

By developing skills that enhance self-sufficiency and locus of control, our students learn to make better choices and achieve greater control of their lives.

Incarcerated and at-risk women come from backgrounds with few opportunities for learning how to make positive decisions. Instead, they tend to react impulsively, to flee difficult decisions by abusing alcohol or drugs, or simply to float along, letting others decide for them.


Institutionalization further erodes self-esteem and personal responsibility. Yet, in order to be paroled, an inmate must make important decisions about life, such as employment and housing. 

Image by Dave Lowe


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